31 March 2022


Virtual conference


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5 Security Experts

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE / on security & authentication

The conference focuses on the first layer of security and authentication solutions to address challenges in the following areas:

 Identification, authentication, and authorization
Physical access control of sensitive premises
Digital access control and computer network security in the context of home office
Know your customers (KYC) management in remote access

The virtual conference will be held via Zoom at the following timezones:
* 10:00-12:00 CET (Central European Time)
* 09:00-11:00 WET (Western European Time)
* 12:00-14:00 EET (Eastern European Time)

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Kromnix accompanies Tech Providers in AI, Biometrics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Workplace, FinTech, Green Tech, MarTech, Robotics, and IoT fields to promote their unique technologies in Europe.

Besides promoting innovative solutions, Kromnix also takes into consideration user privacy, data security, CSR and green initiatives of each player, developing a worklife balance in the midst of technological environment.


AGENDA / hear insights from the Experts

Introduction / The State of the Security & Authentication Market / RFP Platform

Kromnix is a fair Marketplace with an automatic RFP platform that connects "Made in Europe" Tech Providers with international corporate Buyers. Stephany will introduce the first edition of the European Conference on Security & Authentication, and present the panel of Security Experts from France, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK. More info on

How to securely authenticate remote customer credentials with face biometrics?

Unissey helps companies meet consumer expectations in modern digital interactions and keep up the pace with the surge in sophisticated fraud attacks. Unissey’s unrivalled face biometric technology brings live an universal, instant and safe experience. Users only need one thing: their face. Our passive liveness and face match algorithms take care of the rest! ✔︎ BETTER: with 99% of users verified at first selfie. ✔︎ FASTER: with instant video selfie verification in less than one second. ✔︎ SAFER: with 0% fraud and 0% rejection of genuine users. Evaluated by independent labs at the highest level.

Secure and Frictionless Biometric Authentication for Consumers

Keyless’ next-generation biometric authentication eliminates the need to process and store biometric data, enabling passwordless authentication for users in a way that exceeds GDPR and is PSD2 ready. With device-agnostic software, organizations have the ability to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience, that is user friendly, private and secure. More info on

Reinforcing access control security by Biometric Fingerprint Authentication on card

Zwipe Access is a biometric smart card solution for access control. It is fully compatible with existing market-leading card-based access control solutions. On placing the card near a compatible reader, the access control application on the card invokes the card’s biometric cardholder verification function to perform entry validation. An access code is only computed if the biometric verification is successful.

What is Zero Trust security? Why is it so important?

Orchestrated Authorization. Axiomatics simplifies the orchestration of fine-grained authorization to our organization's applications, information and processes via a central, dynamic Zero Trust policy engine.

Q&A / Conclusion

Round table discussion between the security Experts. Kromnix will then conclude the conference.

SPONSORS: Axiomatics / Version Originale

SPEAKERS / Security & authentication experts

Sébastien Brangoulo @Unissey (France)

Chief Revenue Officer

Topic: How to securely authenticate remote customer credentials with face biometrics?

Gal Steinberg @Keyless (UK)

VP Product

Topic: Secure and Frictionless Biometric Authentication for Consumers

Christian Vaas @Zwipe (Norway/Germany)

VP ID Solutions & Access Control

Topic: Reinforcing employee badges with “more” secure Fingerprint Biometric Authentication

Jim Barkdoll @Axiomatics (Sweden)

President & CEO

Topic: How to authenticate & authorize remote employees with the Attribute-Based Access Control?

Andreas Abraham @Validated ID (Spain)

Product Manager VIDchain

Topic: How to authenticate remote customer credentials with biometric signature?


Suyin Aerts

Journalist (Belgium)

#SUYIN is a seasoned host, moderator and TV presenter

Stephany Gochuico

Digital Transformation Lead @Kromnix (France)

KROMNIX promotes Alternative solutions for the Digital Transformation of companies

Xavier Pierens

CMO @Kromnix (France)

KROMNIX provides an automatic RFP platform for Corporate Buyers


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      The State of Authorization by Axiomatics

      Axiomatics provides a modern approach to attribute-based access control that leverages the maturity of identity and access management market to solve the most complex access challenges.

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